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Family business is as much a part of American heritage as baseball and apple pie. The F.L. Davis family has been working together for 50 years. In 1954, F.L. and Cleta Davis started their first business in Miller (which is now under the Greers Ferry Lake), AR. In 1960 they moved to a community called Stark, which is now the city of Greers Ferry, and opened F.L. Davis Mercantile. The mercantile carried groceries, feed hardware, western clothing and gas. During that time Cleta’s mother and father worked at the store and F.L.’s mother worked at the clothing store while his father drove a truck to Little Rock to pick up supplies. There was always a lot of family around, including the Davis’ five daughters. The mercantile existed until 1972.

F.L. had the foresight to see that there was a need for a lumberyard, due to the creation of Greers Ferry Lake, many people would have to build new homes. In 1963, the Davis family opened the first building supply store – right across the street from the mercantile in Greers Ferry. The first load of lumber was hauled on a cattle truck. This was just the beginning for them in the lumber and building supply business. In 1976, Davis Cash Lumber Co., in Stuttgart was opened, and later sold to the manager of the store. In 1988, Davis Cash & Carry Lumber opened in Morrilton by their daughter Renae, which was also later sold to the manager. In 1995 Davis Cash Lumber was opened in Clinton and managed by their oldest daughter, Rhonda. In 2000, F. L. Davis ACE Home Center was opened in Heber Springs and managed by their second daughter, Renae.

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