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4 Compelling Benefits of Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

Mowing The Grass
Riding lawn mowers make keeping your lawn healthy and well-trimmed a virtual breeze. Of course, to get the best results, you'll need to invest in the best possible riding lawn mower. One of the newest and most effective types of riding lawn mowers goes by the name of zero-turn radius mowers - or ZTR mowers, for short.
ZTR mowers offer performance benefits that other types of riding mowers simply can't beat. Yet the relatively newness of ZTR mowers means that many homeowners haven't caught up with this exciting trend. If you want to increase your knowledge of today's riding lawn mower options, read on. This article will outline four compelling benefits offered by a zero turn radius lawn mower.

1. Unparalleled Maneuverability

Anyone who's ever operated a traditional riding lawn mower - often referred to as a lawn tractor - knows how difficult they can be to maneuver. Simply put, the turning radius on a lawn tractor leaves much to be desired. Making a 180-degree turn when you reach the end of your yard can take a lot of repeated backing up and turning.
As its name implies, a zero-turn radius mower allows you to execute pinpoint turns in even the tightest parts of your yard. This ability stems from the fact that each of the mower's rear wheels has its own motor. Such independent motors increase maneuverability by allowing the wheels to travel at different speeds.
A lawn tractor, by contrast, is powered by a single motor. As a result, the wheels always operate at the same speed - a fact that greatly limits the maneuverability of the mower. ZTR motors allow you to easily mow around trees, planting beds, and other common yard obstacles.

2. Shorter Mow Times

A lawn tractor's poor maneuverability increases the amount of time it takes to complete a given job. Inevitably, you will end up going back and forth over the same patches of grass, attempting to eliminate all the grass blades that escaped your previous passes. Depending on the size of your yard, a lawn tractor may or may not be much more time efficient than a push-behind mower.
A zero-turn radius mower drastically reduces the amount of time you spend mowing. The ease of operating a ZTR mower allows you to ensure clean, even results with a minimal number of passes.

3. Lower Fuel Consumption

Virtually all riding lawn mowers run on gasoline. And in an age of rising fuel costs, that gasoline can end up costing a small fortune, especially for those with larger properties. Traditional lawn tractors exacerbate this problem by increasing the amount of time it takes to mow your lawn.
Fortunately, a zero turn radius mower allows you to economize when it comes to fuel costs. The shorter average mow time means that you will burn through less gasoline each time you head out on your mower. Such savings may not amount to much when it comes to a single mowing, yet over the course of your mower's lifetime, you can expect to reduce your fuel costs significantly.

4. Less Mower Wear and Tear

The shorter mow time of a zero-turn radius mower will also save you money when it comes to the amount of wear and tear placed on your mower. By keeping your use hours at a minimum, a ZTR mower will allow you to put off maintenance, repairs, and overhauls for as long as possible.
A zero-turn radius riding mower can transform the way you mow your lawn. For more information on whether a ZRT mower would make a good choice for you, please don't hesitate to call the outdoor equipment experts at F.L. Davis Ace Home, Hardware & Building Centers.