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How to Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for Fall

You might have enjoyed your outdoor living space all summer long, but now that the temperatures are cooling down, you might think that it's time to head inside. Luckily, you don't have to stop using your outdoor living space when you try these transitional tips.
Add a Heat Source
Adding a heat source can help you keep your patio or other outdoor living space comfortable on chilly autumn nights. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is the perfect addition to any outdoor living space, and you can use it year-round to create ambiance and to warm up your outdoor space.
You can choose from a few different types of fire pits. With most, you'll need to burn wood, but some use propane or natural gas. A wood-burning fire pit is more natural, but you may like the control you'll have with a fuel-powered fuel pit.
Even though they're great for adding ambiance as well as warmth, fire pits aren't your only option for heating your outdoor living space. Space heaters can work well for keeping you and your companions warm this fall. Just make sure that you choose a heater that is rated for outdoor use, or there could be a fire risk when the heater is exposed to the elements.
Make It Cozier
In the summer, you might use brightly colored throw pillows and other accessories on your patio furniture. Now's the time to make things a bit cozier. While you're sitting by your fire pit or heater, having a cozy flannel blanket to snuggle up with can really make your outdoor living space fall-friendly.
Keep a few blankets and pillows in a deck storage box near your furniture to keep them clean and dry so that you can grab one when you or a companion wants to get cozy.
Add Seasonal Plants and Decorations
Adding seasonal plants and decorations will help give your outdoor living space a touch of fall in no time. You can place pumpkins and gourds around your porch or patio to instantly give off a fall vibe. Potted plants like chrysanthemums thrive in fall temperatures, are easy to take care of, and also add a festive look to your outdoor living space.
Choose a Lighting Option
In the summer, you might be able to hang out outside for hours after dinner without worrying about it getting dark. With the shorter days of fall, though, you could be left in the dark without a lighting solution.
Candles are perfect for lighting up your outdoor living space on chilly, dark fall evenings. You might still have some citronella candles left over from the summer months, or you can choose a festive scented candle that's perfect for fall.
Party lights are festive and are great for lighting up your outdoor living space. You can string up orange holiday lights for a fun Halloween theme, or you can use plain white lights for a look that will look good all year long.
Even more traditional lighting works well for keeping your outdoor living space well-lit when it gets dark earlier in the evening. Solar lights can charge during the day and provide you with light at night, or you can have an electrician install more traditional light fixtures to help illuminate your outdoor living space this fall.
Just because the weather is starting to turn crisper doesn't mean that you have to say goodbye to your outdoor living space until next year. Contact us at F.L. Davis ACE Home, Hardware & Building Centers to find out how we can help you with the supplies and materials you need to make your outdoor living space ready for autumn.